Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in studying, where do I start?

You will need to pick a ‘programme’ that you wish to apply for admission to, for example, a Bachelor of Commerce or a Bachelor of Information Systems.


You can find information about what programmes USP has to offer in our Handbook & Calendar.


Should you require additional guidance you can make an appointment by sending us an email, giving us a call on (682) 29415 or by online booking.


How do I register?

Once you have chosen a programme of study you need to apply for admission to become a student at USP. You can apply online here for undergraduate admission or by filling out this form for postgraduate admission.

Once your application is assessed and you are successfully admitted you will be sent an Offer Letter with your personal student identification number and password. You can then use these details to log in to Student Online Learning Services (SOLS) and register into a course through the ‘My Registration’ menu.

What course can I register in this Semester?

Courses you can register in are specific to the programme you are admitted into. You will see a variety of choices when you log in to Student Online Learning Services (SOLS) on the ‘My Registration’ menu.

Should you wish to view your progress you can view that on the ‘My Programme Requirement’ menu on SOLS. This will tell you what courses you have successfully completed, what courses you are currently registered in and what courses you need to take to successfully complete your programme.

This is available to current registered students only.

How long is a Semester?

Our Semesters (we have two per annum) are 16 weeks long. Depending on demand we may also run winter or summer flexi schools that are normally 4-6 weeks long.

How do I withdraw?

To withdraw you need to log in to Student Online Learning Services (SOLS) and ‘Drop’ the course you wish to withdraw from, from the ‘My Registration’ menu.

Do take note of the Academic Dates in particular the deadline for withdrawal. Full fees are due in full should you withdraw after the due date or should you not withdraw at all but decided to discontinue with your studies.

How much is the Tuition?

Fees are generally charged by Semester and are dependent on the specific courses you are registered in and in what mode you are registered in (either Face to Face, Online, Blended or Print). You can view the Fee Schedule on page 547 of our Handbook & Calendar or email our Finance Officer.