Sunset in Paradise - Jasper Harris (9 years)

"I found a picture from the internet of a purple pink and orange sunset and I thought it looked beautiful and I decided to paint it. I liked painting the Island and the rocks but I found the reflection in the water tricky. My favourite lessons in Art Extension this year were using the pastels for the Cook Islands designs and learning to paint my bright, colourful sunset."


Tay Tay's Tivaevae - Taylah Noovao (10 years)

"The longer I have been living here [in the Cook Islands] the more I'm learning about my culture. I was inspired by the idea of women in families working together to create a Tivaevae with love and stories. I hope to begin this tradition with my Mum and sister so we can pass it on to our children one day. This is my second year in Art Extension and I have really enjoyed using completely different techniques. I learnt how to make and use stencils so my pattern repeated the same - just like a real tivaevae. The colour wheel helped me decide on which colours complimented. They are bright and vibrant like the Kia Orana Spirit. I am very greatful for Mrs Harris who has helped me to create this beautiful piece of art."


Aka rangatira i te tupuranga o Te Uki Ou - Dallas Rongokea (13 years)

"I chose to paint the six birds to represent each year I have had at Apii Te Uki Ou from Year 3 to Year 8. They symbolize me growing stronger and developing throughout the years. The final kota'a shows that I have completed my primary school stage and I am now ready for college. This is my second year in Art Extension and I have learnt skills and techniques in drawing and painting. It has been frustrating at times but overall it has been a positive experience."


Te Purotu o te Moana - Moeana Mitchell (12 years)

"I love the ocean environment. Oe vaka is traditional sport that both my parents and I love. I wanted to paint something that represented this and I have enjoyed every minute of the experience. My biggest challenge was getting her face right because I had to make sure the face proportions were correct, which was very difficult. With the help of my Dad we got it right! I am very greatful for everything I have learnt from my amazing and talented art teacher. Mrs Harris. She has taught me so many things about art during my years in Art Extension. I have gained more confidence through my art, and it is something I hope to keep doing as I get older."


USP commissioned mural - Gonzalo Aldana

Gonzalo Aldana was commissioned to paint this mural for USP Cook Islands. His design speaks about our students being rooted to the Cook Islands through the islands this woman is part of, using study and anau support to 'travel' and grow through the building of knowledge. By studying the world becomes your oyster from which you can travel across Te Moananui o Kiva both metaphorically and in reality as you build your skills.


Portrait of Marjorie Crocombe - Nanette Lela'ulu

"One of the first graduates from USP in 1971 (Bachelor of Education and History), Marjorie has published seven books and been an extensive writer and contributor to articles, journals and papers on subjects ranging from information technology, to Pacific women, education and Pacific literature - to name a few.

A champion of oral poetry and literature in Pacific Island societies she and her husband Emeritus Professor Ron Crocombe are renowned for encouraging Pacific writers to examine aspects of contemporary life through their poetry, art and stories.

Marjorie’s achievements have put the Cook Islands on the map and revealed the values of Cook Islands peoples in her writings."